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Faux Fur Mongolian Bean Bag Review

Fur bean bags are gaining more attention than the faux leather bean bags in the recent times. The furs are usually soft and fluffy for the individuals to feel the softness at the same time comfort sitting on it. Especially for the kids, the fur beanies are more liked by the little ones to cuddle and sit comfortably on it. The best part is that one could feel cosiness and the feel of the fur knowing that no animal has been killed for it as it is just a fake fur. The new bean bag which is briefed below is the Faux Fur Mongolian Bean Bag, made to elevate the look of the kid’s room.


The Lilac Mongolian Bean Bag is a faux fur bean chair suitable for the kids and is durable. Like the usual bean bags, these are comfortable as well as soft for the little ones to adore and to be as a decor to their rooms.

On the Beanie’s Design:

The Mongolian beanbag has a size of about 70 (h) x 50 (w) x 55 (l) cm or 28 (h) x 20 (w) x 21(l) “. The design if this bean bag is simple and lightweight for the kids to move in and around the rooms. The floor space requirement is less and is of 3 cubic feet high that is made of luxurious faux furs. The beads come filled and are polystyrene beads. The seams are professionally stitched for a neat look as well as to make the bean bag strong. The material it is made up of looks flattery on the exterior but is durable to hold the beans safe however the kids use it.

Fabric of Construction:

The Lilac Mongolian bean bag is made out of faux fur. The fabric material is pure cotton with the luxurious, soft fur on the exterior. The base of the bean bag is even and has a zipper enclosure to seal the beans. The zip on the bottom is concealed to prevent the floor from getting scratched while moving the bag. The seams are professionally sewn with the use of ultimate strength thread so no beans get spilled even after months use.

Look of the Bean bag:

The Faux Fur bean chair makes an ideal addition to any room where an extra seating space is required. The bean bag is designed like that of the other usual ones but the fur on the exterior makes it look cool. It faux fur is so soft for the little ones to experience a comfortable seating on a soft cushiony bean bag. The bean bag feels as that of a stuffed toy so the kids love to use it with joy.

Ideal Use:

This bean bag is not only meant for kids but also adults and is suitable to use only indoors. The fur and the smooth feel attract the kids and can be used as an additional seat in the rooms. One could relax, read, or play games on this chair without straining their back in this comfy bag.


The seams are sewn professionally as mentioned. The threads used are of extra strength and do not split making the bean last for years. The inside liner is removable while the bead filled liner can be washed in the machine if it gets dirty. There is a separate sealed liner inside to serve as a double protection for the beans from spilling out. The beans are non – flattening and are able to take the posture of the individual sitting on it giving the comfort and support.

Shades Available:

The Mongolian bean bag is of faux fur available in two different colours. The two light colours it comes are lilac and pink for anyone to like it at a single glimpse.

Easy Clean:

The cover is stain resistant, although if the cover demands to be cleaned then mild soap with water would do. In case of heavy soiling the bead filled liner is removable for machine washing.

In Short:

The Mongolian bean bag is an excellent addition for homes requiring an extra seat without taking up much floor space. The fur is faux so no animals are being killed and is soft. The comfort and support this bean bag offers are worth mentioning. This bean chair is great for kids’ room also on the living rooms. The colours attract the kids as well as adults. The beans are filled and seams are strong and one can be sure of investing on a quality bean bag that can serve for years.

Specification Details:

Name Faux Fur Mongolian Bean Bag
Use of Bean Bag Indoors
Ideal for Use Chair / lounger
Fabric material Pure Cotton with faux fur
Dimensions 70 (h) x 50 (w) x 55 (l) cm or 28 (h) x 20 (w) x 21(l)”
Lightweight Yes
Type of the Beans filled Virgin polystyrene beads
Bean filled Yes
Colours Available Lilac and pink
Wipe Clean Yes, Easy clean with damp sponge and mild soap
Water resistant No
Stain resistant Yes
Machine Washable Yes
Recommended for age group Adults as well as children

Hi-Bagz Kids Bean Bag Gaming Chair Review

Having said that the bean bags have high demands as for their comfort and look at every household, this is yet another addition to the range of bean bags. The video game lovers are increasing day by day and there is no special age group who are in love with x box, ps3 etc. The rise of gamers resulted in the manufacturing of the gaming chairs that are specifically for those involved in playing or using computers. Earlier the individuals were sitting on the couch or chair in the awkward postures which eventually causes them back pains and other problems and this applies even to the kids but using the gaming chair for playing, one could sit comfortably with good back support and can thoroughly enjoy the world of gaming without a hint of pain. One such gaming bean bag chair is the Hi-Bagz Kids Bean Bag Gaming Chair.

Brief Outlook:

The Hi-Bagz gaming bean chair as the name suggests, it is a bean chair that is for those involving themselves in video games as well as playing on computers. These are portable and can be put up anywhere at home and are at very affordable prices compared to the gaming consoles.

Design of the Gaming Chair:

The Gaming Bean Bag chair from Hi-Bagz is a bean bag chair for the kids who love playing. This beanie measures about 70 (l) x 70 (w) x 85 (h) cm and the design of this chair is mainly focussed to give the little one the neck support as well as a hand rest and back support. This bean bag chair has side shaped panels for resting hand with a rounded base and top. It can be moulded to the shape of the body thus giving utmost support. The gaming chair is lightweight and can be moved around the house as desired while it requires a very minimal floor space. Also the bean chair can be used outdoors in the garden. The seating space is more than enough for kids up 10 years of average size.

Construction of the Gaming Chair:

The Bean bag for gaming is made of faux leather. Faux leather is a sturdy material to withstand some hard use and jerks by the kids. The luxury faux leather has reinforced seams for strength while feature internal and external zips for security. The quality of the bean bag chair with wide base and high back support is commendable with stitched seams. The base and top is rounded with shaped side panels to offer great support being a flat bag. The bean bag is hardwearing and has a double zipped enclosure to secure the beans. The zipper has a hidden zip tab to prevent the zip from scratching the floors while moving around the house.

Bean Filled:

The Gaming Chair is filled with beans. The beans are of Polyester Beans and are also easy to mop up the beans if at all spills. The poly beans are fire retardant meeting all the BS5852 Fire Safety Regulations and can take any shape of the individual seated on it. The seat design is with a high back and neck support practical for the kids to do any work like homework or watch TV sitting on it. The seat is broad at the safe perfect to fit the children. The seating is comfortable giving the perfecting moulding as per the posture of the body relaxing the little ones after a busy play.

Suitable for:

This Hi-Bagz Gaming bean bag chair is ideal for those who are in love with the gaming consoles especially for the kids of age 3 years to 10 years approximately. Also one can sit in relaxed leaning on the chair for reading books, homework, for seeing television or to simply chill out.

Shades Available:

The gaming chair is available in 5 funky colours just to be loved by the kids. The colours are bright to suit their rooms as well as to use outdoors on the garden. The five colours the bean bag chair comes are blue, pink, aqua, red and purple.

Easy Clean:

The material is soft and gives a smooth, glossy finish. Anything spilt on it or dirt can be cleaned by using a damp cloth. It requires no soap as a wet cloth would bring it back to the original look also it is water resistant.

Wrap Up:

The Hi-Bagz Kids Bean bag Chair is a great choice to buy one for them as it has a good use. The durability is good even when the children use it rough. Ideal for gaming, it is also useful to do homework or sit in it comfortably. The funky colours are sure to attract the little ones and to suit their rooms. This kid’s bean bag chair will turn out to be a gift that is to be adored children.


Manufacturer Hi-Bagz
Model Name Kids Gaming Bean bag Chair
Type of Bean Bag Gaming bean chair
Bean Bag functionality Single
Ideal for Use Gaming, watching TV, to relax
Outer Cover Material Faux Leather
Dimensions 70 (l) x 70 (w) x 85 (h) cm
Inner Material Virgin Polyester Beans
Available Colours Aqua, pink, purple, red and blue
Zip Double zipped
Water Resistant Yes
Fire Retardant Yes
Meets the safety standards Yes, BS5852 Fire Safety Regulations
Recommended age group Kids (3 – 10 Years)

Bar-B-Cube Bean Bag Footstool

Foot stools are widely opted by most of them for its use and comfort. Like the bean bag that comes in different shapes and is comfortable for every individual, the foot stools also have a good use. After a tiring day, the feel of resting legs on an elevated cushioning cube by leaning back on a comfy chair that matches the height with that of a footstool can never be explained by words. There are plenty of choices when looking for a foot stool and the one that often goes with the furniture at home is the bean bag footstool. The Bar-B-Cube Bean Bag Footstool is detailed below to know the features and if it is worth buying one.

Quick Look:

The Bar-B-Cube Bean Bag is a cool and trendy cube bag that can be used as a footstool or as just a chair when friends pop up. These are colourful bean cubes that brighten up the room or garden to seat in comfortably.

Bar-B-Cube Bean Bag Design:

The Bean Bag Footstool from Bean Bag Bazaar is perfect as a stool to rest foot or to make the garden look more beautiful by serving as a chair. The B cubes has a dimension of about (H) 43cm (17″) x (D) 43cm (17″) x (W) 43cm (17″) inch. These are like cubes, square shaped as the name suggests and comes in many bright colours. It is lightweight and can be moved anywhere around the house also can be used outdoors on the backyard. One can sit in it as a stool or ideal to rest legs on it using as a foot stool. Although does not involve much of design, the cube bean bag has some use.

Fabric Used in Construction:

This Bar-B-Cube Bean Bag is made out of 100% finely woven polyester. This fabric makes it durable and the fabric material is smooth to seat in with comfort. Stitching with reinforced seam makes it strong and can be used as an extra seat by any adult to sit on it without worries or as a foot rest. The cube bag is not too big or tiny but is of the right size that everybody would look for. Added to it, the kids can have a fun time playing with these cubes along with their buddies.

Notable Features:

The fabric it is constructed out of is smooth and strong at the same time. Comfort is assured however the cube is used as a chair or a foot stool. The reinforced seams make it durable to last long without any damage. The bean cube is water resistant also is retardant to fire. Hence it is great for using outdoors. Cleaning is so easy that a damp cloth would make it look brand new removing the stains of anything spilt on it. It is suitable for kids play room or for parties held at backyards.

Both Indoor and Outdoor Use:

The Bean Bag Footstool is great for both indoor as well outdoor uses. The Bar B cube as mentioned above is suitable to use as an additional chair or as a stool for foot rest. When throwing up a party or to a get – together with relatives or friends, one could get the most use out of these colourful little cubes for the guests to sit also to light up the garden fun. If not, it is usable indoors to match it up with the other bean bags as a space saver and as a stool. This bean cubes are recommended not to leave outdoors when not in use.

Available Bright Shades:

The most notable thing about the Bean Ban cubes is the number of vibrant shades it comes with. It is available in many cool colours such as black, brown, yellow, red, pink, green, blue, aqua, orange, purple and graphite grey. These colour options leaves one with ample choices to choose the cube that matches their room.

Details on Guarantee:

As all the products from the Bean Bag Bazaar, the Bar-B-Cube Bean Bag Footstool also bags up the 1 year guarantee from the manufacturer. The manufacturing defects may be rectified within the guarantee period from the purchase date.

Overall View:

The Bar-B-Cube Bean Bag is a good alternative for a bean chair or to be used as a stool for resting legs. The colour options available are cool and lets one to choose the stools as they want. To fill the garden or for the kids to play fun games it is an ideal one to consider. As for the quality, the bean bag stool has it all that one expects. This Bar-B-Cube Bean Bag does a commendable job both as a foot stool as well as an additional chair.

Bar-B-Cube Bean Bag Footstool Specifications

Manufacturer/Brand Bean Bag Bazaar
Bean Bag Name Bar-B-Cube Bean Bag Footstool
Use of Bean Bag Indoors and Outdoors
Bean Bag functionality Soft and comfortable to sit and to rest foot
Ideal for Use Additional chair / Footstool
Fabric material 100% finely woven polyester
Dimensions (H) 43cm (17″) x (D) 43cm (17″) x (W) 43cm (17″) inch
Lightweight Yes
Bean filled Yes
Colours Available Brown, black, yellow, red, pink, green, blue, aqua,
Orange, purple and graphite grey
Wipe Clean Yes, Easy clean with damp or dry cloth
Water resistant Yes
Fire retardant beans Yes
Meets the safety standards Yes, UK Furniture Fire Safety Regulations
Recommended for age group Adults as well as children
Manufacturer Guarantee 1 year

Z Lounger Single Bean Bag

Bean bags come in ample shape and sizes to add comfort to one’s lifestyle. Not only for the comfort and flexibility the bean chairs offer but also the look it creates at home in a very minimal space is worth noting. As for the apartments or smaller living space, these bean bags make a suitable solution as a space saver giving a modern look and comfort to the user. Apart from the usual gaming bean chairs or bean bags, this is a cool addition also a multipurpose use bean lounger, the Z Lounger Bean Bag which is detailed below.

An Overview:

The Lounger bean bag is tagged as the Z lounger as it resembles the shape of the alphabet Z. This lounger is a multi-purpose lounger as a chair, stool or a flat bed just by some simple folding. It has a great use in every house.

In the Aspect of the Design:

The Z lounger is a single bean bag designed for multi-use. This bean bag has a measure of about (L) 180 or (71″) x (W) 60 or 23.5″ x (H) 10 cm or (4″). The Z lounger in the shape of Z can be used in three ways. However the use is the bean bag offers good comfort for the one lounging on it. It can be folded as a stool or ottoman to be used as a foot rest or when not in use. So as for the space, this beanie does not occupy the whole room.

Material Used in Construction:

This Z bean bag is made out of supple faux leather. The high quality bonded leather is durable and comes long in spite of some rough uses. The faux leather is fire retardant and can be used anywhere in the house. One can completely stretch in this bean bag when it is made fully flat and the comfort is admiring. Both adults and children can use it easily and being lightweight and having the ability of folding down in to a foot stool, this lounger can be moved around as per convenience.

4 in 1 Bean Bag Lounger:

As mentioned above, the Z lounger resembling Z can be used in four ways by making simple folding. Fold up or fold down turning it as a bean chair or to stretch leg. It is a stool when is completely folded in Z shape ideal to rest the foot sitting on the sofa. When one of the folding is removed and leaned against the wall, it makes this lounger as a bean chair for one to sit and lean as well. It is also possible to flip it up using as a bean chair also stretching on the bean slab if not completely laying it flat and it becomes a comfy lounger. This is practically a multi – use lounger in every home to use it as desired in a minimal space along with comfort.

Features of Z Bean Bag:

As a multi-purpose bean bag, the lounger definitely satisfies the individual lying on it. This bean bag has reinforced seams to enhance durability and extend its life. It features a double zip for added security. In case if refilling of beans are essential it can be refilled easily by removing the zips. The bean chair is available in two colours to suit the rooms.

Available Colours:

The Z lounger gives a choice of two colours to choose from. The colours it is available are brown and black.

Wipe Clean:

Made of supple faux leather, the bean bag does not stain or get dirty when accidently spilt something on it. It can be cleaned easily by wiping with a damp cloth. If require mild soap would do.

Guarantee Period:

The Bean Bag Bazaar offers a guarantee of 1 year from the date of purchase. Any defects in the manufacturing are considered within the period of a year from the date of purchase in the guarantee period.

On the Whole:

The Z lounger from Bean Bazaar bag is a lounger that has varied uses in a single bean bag which could do more than one expects. As a lounger, chair or a stool, the space it requires is very less and can be stacked when not in use. Usable both by adults and children, the faux leather construction makes sure it comes without letting anyone down. Some feel it is less comfortable as the bean fillings accumulate in the corner when lying on it while most of the users are satisfied with the purchase.

Z Lounger Single Bean Bag – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Bean Bag Bazaar
Model Name Bean Sofa Lounger
Use of Bean Bag Indoors
Bean Bag functionality Soft and cosy to sit and lye with comfort
Ideal for Use Sofa / Spare bed
Fabric material Faux Leather
Dimensions (L) 180 cm (71?) x (W) 90 cm (35?) x (H) 30cm (12?)
Lightweight Yes
Length Sofa 6 feet
Bean filled Yes
Colours Available Brown and black
Wipe Clean Yes, Easy clean with damp or dry cloth
Water resistant Yes
Fire retardant beans Yes
Meets the safety standards Yes, UK Furniture Fire Safety Regulations
Recommended for age group Adults as well as children
Manufacturer Guarantee 1 year

Fatboy Buggle up Outdoor Bean Bag

Fatboy is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the original Fatboy bean bag chairs and furniture. Their bean chairs are highly comfy and cosy enough for any adult to rest and relax completely outdoors getting the same feel as indoors. These bean chairs are a good alternative for the squeaky wooden chairs or an old deck chair. Bean bags are often used for indoors to save space and achieve a colour up the rooms. The new, huge and a colourful outdoor bean bag is the Fatboy’s Buggle up bean chair. Glance below to know the uses of this bean bag.

A Quick Look:

Fatboy is a suitable bean bag for outdoors to enjoy sun at the beach or simple admire nature in the gardens. The Buggle up is made of material that is durable, UV resistant as well as tough and resist against stains.

Buggle up Bean Bag’s Design:

The Fatboy Buggle up is a versatile bean chair for one to use it to lounge anywhere. The bean bag measures about 140 (W) x 190 (H) cm which is almost like a huge rectangular bag. This Buggle up especially designed to fit outdoors and to rest peacefully like indoors. As a result of which is the reclining positions of this bean bag, either one can sit straight or lie flat comfortably. Both adults and children can use this chair with ease.

Material of Construction:
As this Fatboy beanie is made to lounge outdoors, the material that it has to be constructed out of has to be more durable, tough and to withstand some rough use as well as the climatic conditions. Thus the material used in manufacturing the Buggle up is hi-tech nylon. The tough polyester fabric has a coating of the PVC to add to its durability. The fabric is tough and does not fade or stain even when left outdoors or in the garden unused.

About the Beans Filled:

As the comfort of a bean chair lies on the type of the beans filled in it, the Fatboy Buggle up Bean Bag is filled in with virgin polystyrene beans. Hence this bean bag is a plush to be seated comfortably outdoors. The beans and the material are UV protected also stain and water resistant. He beans are of small spheres and after sitting in the same position for quite long, the bean chair can be made back to original shape with a little shake.

Reclining Beanie:

Fatboy has managed to come up with a bean bag that can be adjusted as one wishes. Either sit upright about 60 degrees to read books or look around or lie flat to enjoy sun or the garden. Yes, the Buggle up has special straps designed and some sailing rings. The straps can be fitted over the sailing ring to make it as a chair to lean back or removed to get a flat surface. The straps are hard wearing and never let down.

Vibrant Colours:

The colours this Buggle up comes with are attractive and bright. There are 8 choices of colours to choose the favourite. It is available in usual colours such as black, brown and some eye – catchy shades such as olive green, taupe, lime, turquoise, orange and red.

An Outdoor Bean Bag:

Already mentioned above, this Buggle up is most suited for outdoors as well be used indoors. Relaxing and lounging with comfort can be expected from this bean chair. It can also be left backyards even after use as the material is UV protected and the colour does not fade off while resistant to water when it rains. Also no worry of the bean bag getting dirty outdoors, as it is resistant to stains.

Warranty from Fatboy:

The Buggle up bean bag backs up a warranty of 6 months from Fatboy. Any problems faced with the bean filling or cover under the warranty period will be looked at.

Clean with Ease:
The material of the fabric is stain resistant. If at all feel any necessity of cleaning it, just wipe the bean bag with a damp cloth along and a mild soap.

Wrap Up:

The Fatboy Buggle up is a great bean bag to choose for outdoors. The comfort is commendable and the reclining positions are of good use. However few had complaints of the strap and the sail rings that came off after months of use. Otherwise, the colour options, bean filling, material construction is durable and stays long. Take a break off from regular schedules and enjoy this summer lounging outdoors with peace.

Fatboy Buggle up Outdoor Bean Bag – Technical Specification Table

Brand Fatboy
Product Name Buggle up outdoor bean bag
Use of Bean Bag Outdoors as well as indoors
Ideal for Use Chair / lounger
Fabric material Polyester fabric
Dimensions 140 (W) x 190 (H) cm
Reclining Positions 2 (sit or lie flat by attaching straps on sail rings)
Lightweight: Yes
Type of the Beans filled Virgin polystyrene beans
Bean filled Yes
Colours Available Olive Green, Taupe, Lime, Turquoise, orange
Black, brown and red
Wipe Clean Yes, Easy clean with damp cloth and mild soap
Water resistant Yes
Stain resistant Yes
UV protection Yes
Recommended for age group Adults as well as children
Manufacturer Guarantee 1 year